Served at the 2018 Berries & BarBQ Wine Trail, Robller Vineyard

This recipe is best prepared over several days to allow for flavors to develop.

Day One

Break down whole pork butt (preferably boneless) into irregular chunks. this creates the most surface area to develop bark. Do not get rid of the fat cap.

Season the meat with BBQ spice, extra garlic powder and Worcestershire Sauce. Allow to work in for several hours. Overnight is best.

In a roaster, blend ingredients for beans:

Bushes Bean Pot Beans and Great Northern Beans in a 3 to 1 ratio.

Add 1 cup KC Style BBQ Sauce

1/3 cup Dried minced onion

1/3 cup Worcestershire Sauce

1/3 cup BBQ Seasoning that includes; sugar, salt, paprika, onion, garlic, celery seed and pepper. A little red pepper flakes are always good.

2 cups frozen blueberries

Cook for 2 hours over medium heat, stirring occasionally as it gently bubbles. Cool, cover and store overnight.

While the beans are cooking, start the fire with lump charcoal and hickory chunks. When the fire is ready, keep it off to one side of the smoker grill so the meat is not in direct contact with the fire.

Spread the seasoned chunks onto the grill and let it go for at least 2 hours. Add more wood and charcoal to the fire as needed. Maintain at least 300°F. Hotter is just fine as long as the meat has some distance. This approach creates great bark pieces. Let cool and then refrigerate overnight.

Day Two

Dice meat chunks, place in pan, add more seasoning and 50/50 dilution of BBQ sauce. Make a similar fire and place meat filled pan away from heat and cover. This should be on the grill for 2 hours. Once that is completed add a small amount of sauce to meat and place in 200°f oven uncovered for 2 or more hours.

Warm beans from the day before while diced meat is roasting in the oven. Once the beans have started to bubble, blend in the eat. Let the complete mixture simmer for at least 45 minutes prior to serving.

Serve with Robller Villa Rouge!

Triple B's - Robller Winery

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