Served at the 2016 Wild Bacon Wine Trail

Sweet Chive and Bacon Drop Biscuits

2.5 lbs Butter Milk Biscuit Mix

2 ¾ Cups of Whole Milk or Butter Milk

2/3 cup of white sugar

3/4 cup Parmesan Cheese ground and not the cheap stuff

½ cup dried chopped chives

1 ½ tbl spoon of dried onion bits

1 ½ cups crispy bacon bits and all of the renderings

Combine all ingredients in this order in a mixing bowl and stir until everything is well combined.  Let sit either overnight in refrigerator or at least 2 hours to incorporate the flavors.

Using a #20 scoop to portion out the biscuits onto a baking sheet or muffin tray and bake until golden on top.


Bacon Honey Butter

1 lb Unsalted butter (softened)

1 ½ cups crispy bacon bits with all of the renderings

¾ cup Clover Honey

Combine ingredients in mixing bowl and whip together using a hand mixer or counter top mixer.  Make sure that everything is combined well and that the butter starts to become whipped.  Then place in refrigerator to set up or spread into butter mold.  Flavor will continue to develop for several days.

Serve with Robller Vidal Blanc.

Bacon Cheese Chive Biscuit with Bacon Honey Butter, Robller Winery

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