Served at the Wild Card Wine Trail 2013

To make your slider, one can either lightly smoke a slab of pork belly or bacon or use a fresh slab for the slider.

Season the slab to your taste, (I used pepper, garlic powder and Cajun rub) then cut the slab into ½ in to ¾ in thick slices … then cut the slices to fit the size of your bun. (we made homemade wholewheat rolls about 2 -2 ½ in in diameter, you may also keep it simple and buy pre-made dinner rolls at the bakery)

Place the pork belly in a frying pan or on a griddle and cook till brown on both sides.  The grill works nice also, but watch for flair ups with your flames.  Place the pork belly on a split roll on a bed of coleslaw (we used an old German coleslaw recipe that the local VFW women’s auxiliary made for us, but you can use pre-cut coleslaw and make your own dressing.  I have also used poppy seed dressing as the base and added a touch of balsamic for tang)

After placing the pork belly on the bed of coleslaw, top with an Asian hoisin or teriyaki sauce and serve immediately!

Great served for your next summer cookout or holiday party with Adam Puchta Traminette.

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