Served at the 2024 Chocolate Wine Trail, Robller Vineyard

Dewey’s Bakery Crispy Brownie Wafers
2 cups Callebaut Recipe 811 Belgian Chocolate Chips
2 cups Heavy Cream
½ cup dark cocoa powder
Whipped Cream and Raspberry ice cream topping sauce


Warm 2 cups of heavy cream slowly on the stove to about 200°F.  Place 2 cups of chocolate chips into a glass mixing bowl.  Pour warm cream over chips and let sit for 5 minutes then whisk until mixed and melted.  Add ½ cup of dark cocoa powder to thicken and cut the sweetness while mixture is warm.  The ganache can be used at that point but cooling in the refrigerator with plastic covering will allow for the ganache to be whipped with a hand mixer.  At room temp place the ganache into a piping bag and squeeze onto the crisps.  Place a brownie wafer on top of the ganache, then pipe whipped cream on top, then a dollop of Raspberry ice cream topping sauce. The ganache can be frozen for later or kept in the refrigerator for a week.

Serve with Robller Vineyard Gabrielle’s Blush

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