Served at the 2013 Say Cheese Wine Trail

All Cheeses served with Robller Vineyard’s Vidal Blanc a Riesling styled white wine loaded with stone fruit characters with a touch of sweetness balanced crisp finish.

Havarti Style
This cheese is all about the creaminess of the milk produced by our Jersey cows.  Any place cream is called for you can fit this cheese in.   We have paired this with fresh table grapes which have a good level of acidity that works perfectly with the cheese
This cheese begs to be with fruit, the acidity in the fruit or wine matches well with the acidity in the cheese. Acid in cheese is essential for cheese flavor and preservation, the salt that is brined into the cheese is for flavor enhancement and does the same for the wine and fruit that is traditionally served with this cheese.

Missouri Special
This cheese is unique and is similar to a Danish cheese that was developed in the late 1990’s and is very popular in England.  This cheese is paired with a white cracker so the different flavor notes built into the cheese are not masked in any way.
When paired with the wine the cheese almost takes the forefront in flavor notes and becomes very robust on the palate.  The cheese is a natural Rhine cheese with a Gouda base and baby Swiss culture mixture that is unique to this cheese in this region.  This cheese has been developed by the cheese maker and is used in competitions to showcase what can be produced here.

Jersey Jack
This cheese is paired with Ghirardelli 60% Dark Chocolate chips and a semi dry wine because the cheese shares similar characteristics as the wine and chocolate.
The milk that is used to produce this cheese is from our herd of Jersey cows (thus the name) and is not altered in any way, resulting in a natural Rhine cheese that has a rich creamy texture as well as low salt content. This cheese is always good when a recipe calls for additions of fats, such as butter.  This cheese works well with a burger or can be dressed up and used in a chocolate fondue.

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Cool Cow Cheese Company cheeses paired with Robller Vidal at the Say Cheese Wine Trail

Local Cheeses from Cool Cow Cheese Company paired with Robller Winery Vidal at the 2013 Say Cheese Wine Trail


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