Served at the 2013 Wild Card Wine Trail


Italian Baguette 2 feet long

Queso Cojita (fine ground)

Black Beans (canned/ drained)



Fresh Limes

Serrano Peppers

Pepper Bacon from Swiss Meats in Swiss MO

Cabbage Slaw


Red Onions

Salt Pork or Smoked Pork Jowls

Roma Tomatoes thin sliced lengthwise(1.5 per Baguette)

Steep 4 course chopped Serrano Peppers and Crushed Garlic Cloves in 2 cups of white vinegar before you begin any other prep.  This should take 2 hours to incorporate the flavors and heat into the vinegar.  Cilantro can be added to the vinegar as well. Then Dress the Slaw with strained vinegar and chopped cilantro to the slaw and let the vinegar do its work.  The slaw can be made the day before or at least an hour before you start the balance of the prep.

Bake the Bacon in the oven on a baking sheet at 375 for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Don’t let the bacon get crispy!!!!  Drain some of the fat into the beans before puree step.  You will need 6 to 9 thick slices per Baguette.

Cube then brown the salt pork with garlic and some red onion in the pot to cook the beans.  Then add the black beans, bring to boil then let simmer for an hour.  Salt to taste then puree the beans and add Cojita cheese (half cup) to large 6/10 can.  Scale down with regular cans proportionately.

Use Avocado Pulp or Fresh Avocado’s to make the (Almost guacamole) Add Mayo ( 1 part mayo 3 parts avocado) and minced red onions to the avocado and fold together until well mixed.  The flavors need about an hour to integrate.  This is the spread for the top of the sandwich.

Cut the Baguette lengthwise then spread the black bean puree on the bottom should be thick as a good PBJ sandwich.  Then cover with a layer of Cojita cheese.  Lay on the bacon strips lengthwise should be 2 to 3 pieces wide 6 to 9 in total.  Next is the layer of Roma Tomato slices.

On the top part of the bread spread the avocado again like PB on a good PBJ then cover with the slaw with a good squeeze of lime juice over the slaw.  Now carefully place the top of the sandwich onto the bottom of the sandwich.  The Avocado spread acts like a glue for the slaw.

Cut sandwich to serving portions and you have a perfect party sandwich.  Serve with Robller Vidal Blanc.

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