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Whether you are having an Easter brunch or dinner, Hermann Wine Trail wineries have a wide selection of wines for you to choose from for your celebration. We have suggestions for the traditional ham and lamb dishes and also for springtime brunch menus.

Here are a few of our favorite picks for your Easter meal:

Aperitif – Start the egg hunting festivities with a glass of refreshing OakGlenn Moscato or fruity, dry Robller Seyval!

Glazed Ham – A sweet glaze on ham screams for a fresh fruit forward wine with a touch of sweetness to balance the saltiness of the ham. Try a semi-dry Rose or Blush such as Stone Hill Rose Montaigne or Robller Gabrielle’s Blush.

Lamb – Roasted or grilled lamb is a match made in heaven with a full-bodied Norton or Chambourcin. The strong flavor of the lamb needs a robust wine and our Missouri reds are up tot he task. Try Adam Puchta Norton or Hermannhof Chambourcin.

Roast Chicken – A versatile dish that you can pair white, rose or red wine with! Raosted with with herbs such as Rosemary, a fruity Chardonel or Chardonay such as Bias Chardonel or Dierberg Estate Chardonnay, or roasted with garlic, onion and lemon try a dry rose such as Hermannhof Vin-Gris.

Roasted Springtime Vegetables – Springtime veggies such as carrots, beets and sweet onions roasted so the sugars caramelize perfectly, need a crisp Vidal or white blend such as Robller Hillside Blanc or a semi-dry rose such as Bias Rose.

Quiche – Traditional Lorraine with it’s custardy filling and buttery crust is perfect paired with a Sparkling wine or a fruity, off-dry Traminette. Try Stone Hill Brut, OakGlenn Trolley White, or Adam Puchta Traminette.

Easter Bunny Chocolate – There is a wine for every chocolate bunny flavor; milk chocolate – sweet white or sweet red such as Bias Victorian Red, dark chocolate – port or dry red such as Adam Puchta Port, white chocolate – Sparkling wine or sweet rose such as OakGlenn Naughti.

Lemon Meringue Pie – This can be a tricky pairing, but a sweet wine that has a lot of acidity, such as a Vignoles can pair nicely. Try Hermannhof Vignoles or Stone Hill Vignoles.

Your Easter meal should be relaxed and enjoyable for you and your family. Use our wine and food pairing suggestions and your Easter meal will come together without a hitch!


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