Chicken Wings and Wine

Chicken wings are a must at every Super Bowl party buffet. In Hermann wine country, we are partial to pairing wine with our chicken wings. Although, there’s some pretty good microbrews in the area and on occasion we have been know to enjoy a beer or two with our wings:)

Here’s our favorite wine and wing pairings:

Classic Buffalo Wings – Wine can pair with the vinegary sauce and blue cheese, try a crisp Vidal or a dry Rose for a nice match. If you have to have a beer, try a local IPA with a little bitterness. Try Adam Puchta Dry Rose or Stone Hill Vidal.

BBQ Wings – Wings with a dark, rich BBQ sauce pair well with a full bodied, robust Norton or a fruity, rich style Chambourcin. Try Stone Hill Norton or Hermannhof Chambourcin.

Hot Hot Wings – Enjoy wines with a touch of sweetness, to tame the firey hot sauce. Many wineries produce blends that are finished with a little sweetness. Red or white, which ever is your preference. We have heard that sweet Catawba and Concord are pretty tasty with Hot Hot wings if you like the fruity flavor of these wines! Try Adam Puchta Riefenstahler or OakGlenn Moonbeam Melody. 

Asian Influenced Wings – Asian spices and heat, pair well with off-dry aromatic wines that the Hermann wine region produces so well. Wines such as Traminette and Vignoles are great choices. Try Robller Traminette or Hermannhof Vignoles.

Fruit Glazed Wings – If you go the orange or apricot glaze route with a sweet and spicy flavor, wines with a bit more body and richness, like a Chardonnel pair well. Try Bias Riverview White.

Remember, the number one rule with wine and food pairing is drink what you enjoy! If Norton isn’t your thing, have a glass of sweet Concord. It’s okay.

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