Hermann Wine Trail

Hermann Wine Trail






It might be cold outside but the Hermann Wine Trail wineries are busy bottling, releasing new wines, winning awards, expanding their properties, and planning for 2015!

Here’s recent highlights and news from our wineries:

  • Adam Puchta Winery Releases Mead!  Have you ever tasted a honey wine?  That’s right, Adam Puchta’s Mead is made from 100% American honey.  In medieval times, Mead was thought to be an aphrodisiac…..Semi-sweet honey wine,  fermented and oaked to delight your palate, hints of pear, peach, apple and berries. Pairs well with a variety of foods or enjoy a glass on its own. Best served chilled.  Read more
  • Bias Winery and Gruhlkes Microbrewery Expanding Outside Seating!  They are clearing trees, so visitors can enjoy the view, building terraces for additional seating and expanding the covered seating area around the winery.  Look forward to completion late spring to early summer!  They will soon be able to host larger wedding groups!  Keep posted on progress
  • Hermannhof Winery Releases Norton Port & Wins Big with Vignoles!  First Port released in over a decade from Hermannhof.  Port Tasting Notes from Paul Leroy, General Manager/Winemaker:  Has about 8-9% Cabernet Sauvignon blended in.  Fortified with oak aged grape brandy, dark ruby red hue, and not    overly sweet.  It is balanced with a long full finish.  Dark ruby red and perfectly balanced.  2012 Hermannhof Vignoles was recently picked by Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Doug Frost as one of his top 10 wines of Missouri and Kansas for 2014.
  • OakGlenn Winery Warm & Cozy With a Great View
    The weather may be cold outside but upstairs in the Hussman room it’s warm and cozy with a spectacular view of the Missouri River valley.  They have added three new wines to the wine list – Cabernet Sauvignon, Prophecy and Ives.  Grab a few friends and come on out for a relaxing afternoon.  2015 Live Music Schedule is posted on their website.   Read more
  • Röbller Vineyard Winery Has a New Website!
    The Lois, Bob and JerryMueller, have done a wonderful job updating the Röbller Vineyard Winery website.  Beautiful photos capturing the vineyards and stunning countryside, calendar of events, Blog, family recipes and a featured wine section.  Featured wines – A Tale of Two Vignoles.  Our Dry or Semi Sweet Vignoles have very fruity profiles both aromatically as well as on the palate, which is where the common thread ends. Two different wines produced from the same grape, each with unique qualities that lend themselves to a pleasant experience as a beverage or an accompaniment to food. Come experience the Tale of Two Vignoles yourself and share these wines with your guests or as gifts as we brace ourselves for the long winter ahead.   See new website
  • Stone Hill Winery’s Restaurant Has New Chef!
    Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill Winery has a new chef, Michael Padilla, who will add his culinary expertise to the renowned establishment.  Vintage Restaurant is closed January 1-31, but reopens February 1 – December 31; Open daily for lunch and dinner.  Look for a new menu in February!  Read more

Looking forward to seeing you on the trail!

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