Our “Meet the Winemaker” series has become quite popular with our readers.  Who doesn’t want to find out about the winery magician who can turn grapes into liquid gold.  The Hermann Wine Trail is fortunate, because we have some of the best winemakers in the state.  Our winemakers are a fun bunch, who enjoy drinking wine and living life with passion.

We are featuring one winemaker a month in our series; sharing their thoughts on making wine in Hermann, their backgrounds, their wine favorites, to get to know the person behind the scenes.  In part one, we featured Shaun Turnbull, winemaker at Stone Hill Winery.  Read more

In part two, we featured Michael Rouse, winemaker at Adam Puchta Winery.  Read more

Here is our third winemaker of the series:

Paul Leroy, Winemaker/General Manager – Hermannhof Vineyards

Years in the Industry:  33 years

Favorite Varietal or Blend:  Vidal Blanc

Favorite Wine & Food Pairing:  Filet and mushroom pan reduction with Norton

Top Wines to Taste Now:  2011 Seyval Blanc and 2012 Vignoles

What I Like Most About Hermann Wines:  Crispness and Germanic style of most wines

What wine you are most proud of:  Brown Foreman Trophy winning Vignoles

Favorite Thing to Do (when not making wine):  Trout fish

Background:  Born in St. Louis County, moved to Hermann as a teenager. Started at Hermannhof in 1981, trained by a number of qualified industry personnel, namely Dr. Alan Marks.

Thanks Paul for sharing your favorites and background!  Another local boy who has lived in Hermann most of his life and decided to make winemaking his profession.  The Hermann Wine Trail is very lucky to have such a passionate and knowledgeable winemaker in our region.


Paul Leroy, Winemaker Hermannhof Vineyards

Paul Leroy, Winemaker & General Manager, Hermannhof Vineyards

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