Are you going to be entertaining your friends and family this season?  Let us make your holiday entertaining less stressful with these three tips.

1. How much wine do you need for a party?  One bottle equals 750 milliliters or about 25 oz. which is five, 5 oz pours. If you have 10 people at a party and they drink 2 glasses of wine each, you will need 5 bottles of wine.

2. What kind of wine should you have on hand for the holidays?  If you are having a party and you know the tastes of your guests, be sure to have wines they like.  If you don’t know what your guests like, then it is best to have several selections available.  Depending on the number of guests, have at least three types to choose from; dry white or red, semi-dry or semi-sweet white or red and a sweeter white or red.  Sparkling wines are festive and by adding a touch of cranberry juice you have a holiday cocktail!  Make a crock pot of mulled wine and fill your house with a wonderful aroma.  (Our Hermann area wineries offer mulling spice bags that make this really easy!)  Or check our recipe section for a spiced wine recipe that was recently featured at the Holiday Fare Wine Trail.

3.  How do you remove a red wine stain from the carpet?  Address the stain immediately, and blot as much wine up as you can with a towel.  Then sprinkle the stain with quite a bit of salt, to absorb even more of the wine.  Vacuum the salt when dry, then refer to the folks at Good Housekeeping and follow their steps to further remove the stain.  Several of our Hermann wineries carry a product called Wine Away that works great on red wine stains too.

We hope these tips make your holiday season less stressful!

Cheers from the Hermann Wine Trail!


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