Hello all you wine trail lovers!!!  Harvest is in full swing and the Hermann Wine Trail wineries are enjoying a great start.  The grapes are being harvested as we speak.  Vignoles, Chardonel, Chambourcin and Traminette are in and the juice is happily fermenting in the tanks.  Vidal, Concord, Catawba and Norton are around the corner…we are looking forward to some great flavors that developed from the warm weather we had this season.

Even though the Hermann wineries are busy with harvest, they encourage visitors to stop by when the aroma of fermenting juice is in the air.  The tasting room staff are eager to share their wine making expertise.  If you haven’t been to a winery in September, add it to your “To Do” list because the weather is great, the wine is chilled and the views are spectacular!

The Hermann region has a reputation for creating some fantastic Vignoles.  This year we will see those yummy kiwi, strawberry, peachy aromas and flavors that we have been known to produce from our warm Missouri weather.  I can’t wait to taste them!

If you are having a craving for Vignoles right now, the wineries still have 2010 available.  Come out to Hermann and enjoy a bottle with some cheese, local sausage, pears and fresh bread while you enjoy the beautiful scenery!



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